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Privacy Policy

What Information do we collect when you visit our website?

Whenever you visit our website, we collect some basic information, like operating system, browser type, referral website, time and date of visit and duration of visiting our website. However, we may require some of your basic personal information, whenever you opt for buying any of our services or products. Furthermore, if you want to subscribe our newsletters, you also have to share a few of your personal information, like name, date of birth, email address, etc.

How we use the collected information? 

We collect non-personally identifying information of our website visitors, in order to enhance our web presence. The collected information has been used in the following manner: • To personalize web experience for the visitors • To make our website easier to navigate and user-friendly • To write or publish reports or press releases on our website We additionally send free newsletter services to the clients if they voluntarily agree to subscribe our newsletter services by sharing their email addresses.

Does Vetrinat.Com use cookies? 

As a part of our policy, we do use cookies for identifying our visitors and to get basic information about the visitors. It is to be noted that cookies have been defined as strings of information which a website store on the visitors’ computer. Storing cookies also help us to keep our website personalized for the particular visitors for their every returning visit. We draw information from cookies through visitors’ browsers. If you do not wish to have cookies in your computer, then simply delete the cookies by visiting your computer’s cookies folder. Do we share your information or email with other? As a part of our policy, we do not share your personal information or email that you have shared with us. All basic information that we draw from visitors’ computer (as stated above) are kept highly confidential. It has to be noted that this privacy policy is applicable as just ‘online privacy policy’. This has nothing to do with our offline policies. By visiting our website, visitors hereby accept that they consent our privacy policy.

Amending Privacy Policy
Vetrinat holds the sole right to amend our privacy policy at any time we want and that too without giving prior notice to anyone.